You want to know how to transfer the Phonebook Directory in the Gigaset HX handset directly to another internal HX handset.   


First of all, please transfer the phone book of the Gigaset HX to the Fritzbox by pressing the phone book button on the Gigaset HX. Now, select the option 'Send list' under 'List'. Select base Phonebook as send destination and the transfer will initiate. Afterwards, press the Phonebook button on the second handset for a few seconds, and this will bring up the Phonebook Directory on the Fritzbox, find and select option 'Send list' or 'Get list', select handset as send destination.

You can transmit the entire Phonebook, a single entry or several individual entries.

Please note:

If you receive an incoming external call, the transfer will stop.

Caller pictures and sounds are not transmitted. Only the date of the birthday is transmitted.

If an entry is transferred between two vCard handsets: If there are no existing entries for the recipient with the name, a new entry is created.

If an entry with the name already exists, this entry is extended by the new numbers. If there are more than 8 numbers in total, a second entry with the same name is created.

If the recipient is not a vCard handset: A separate entry is created and sent for each number.

Your handset receives entries from a non-vCard handset: Entries with numbers already stored are discarded, otherwise a new entry is created.


CATiq support must be active on Fritzbox.