Attention: If you have purchased a "used" Smart Home Base, registration is not possible if the previous owner did not disconnect the base from the account. For security reasons, only the hotline can disconnect the base from the account in this case. An invoice from the base or an affidavit is required for this.

In order for the activation to work, please check the following points:

1.) Electricity and Internet connection

  • Power supply to the Smart Home base is ensured
  • Both ends of the LAN cable are correctly engaged on the Smart Home base and router
  • the top LED lights up: This means that the Smart Home base is supplied with power.
  • the centre LED is lit: This means that the Smart Home base is connected to the Internet.
  • the bottom LED flashes slowly. This means, that the Smart Home base is not yet connected to your account - The base is ready for registration. (see Video 1 - Registration.mp4 in the appendix


  • If the centre LED flashes every 2 seconds (slowly), the Smart Home base is not connected to the Internet. (see video 2 - flashes slowly.mp4 in the appendix) To check this, please connect a computer/laptop to the same port on the router and test whether the Internet is available.
  • If the centre LED flashes twice per second (fast), the certificates have expired due to prolonged non-use of the base. (see video 3 - flashes quickly.mp4 in the appendix) In this case, a recovery reset must be carried out. To do this, please click on the following link: Recovery Reset

2) Ready for registration

  • Click on the 3 horizontal stripes at the top left (menu)
  • Click on [Elements devices]
  • Click on the [+] sign at the bottom right (for Apple - top right)
  • Click on [base]
  • Follow the instructions in the app

Note on the activation code:

This has 10 digits and consists exclusively of numbers and capital letters (do not confuse O and 0 or I and 1). You will find it on the back of the Smart Home base. On newer bases, there is a QR code above the activation code that you can photograph. In this case, click on [Activation by QR code]. Hold your smartphone over the QR code on the base so that it is clearly visible in the app's display field. The code is automatically scanned and entered in the ACTIVATION CODE field. Then click [Next]

Attention: For security reasons, the Smart Home base is only ready for registration 90 seconds after pressing the pairing button. Please make sure that you have entered the activation code within this time and clicked on [CONTINUE] in the app. If you have entered the activation code incorrectly 5 times, you will not be able to try again for 30 minutes.

You get an error message? A possible reason is that the Smart Home base is already connected to another elements account. This could be the case, for example, if you want to put a used product into operation and the previous user has not logged off the Smart Home base from his account. In this case, please send us a message with the activation code of the Smart Home base, the status of the LEDs on the Smart Home base and attach a copy of the invoice. As soon as I have your data, I can order the separation for you.

For security reasons it is necessary that your Smart Home base has been disconnected from the network before. It is sufficient to remove the network cable. Please leave the Smart Home base disconnected from the network until you receive a response from us. This will ensure that the Smart Home base can really be disconnected.

We will inform you as soon as the disconnection has been successful.

3.) Tricks & Tips

You just can't avoid it completely: sometimes it gets stuck somewhere. In some cases it helps to unplug the Smart Home base, then after 5 minutes power up the Smart Home base again and try synchronization again.