First install the Gigaset elements app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

In the next step, please register on the website The registration serves to ensure that, among other things, the terms and conditions are read and accepted. An account is also required so that we can send you the desired information about missed calls as a push message.

After you have confirmed and completed the registration, please proceed as follows:

  • Open the elements app.
  • Click on [Elements] and on the [+] sign.
  • Select the [Go-Box] and follow the instructions in the elements app.


During the login process it is important that you are not logged in to the web interface of the go box. Also, the smartphone and the go box must be logged into the same network. If the registration has been completed successfully, you will see the missed calls and missed answered calls information in the elements app.

Please note that you can still access the answering machine via [Remote Control]. For more information on remote access to the answering machine, please refer to the user manual of your Gigaset phone

Attention: It is not possible to register a Go-Box with an LTE router