It is important that the Gigaset climate is combined with the Gigaset thermostats in the room. This means the following:

When you log in to the elements app, select [Rooms] on the start screen. If a room has not yet been created and assigned, you have listed all your Gigaset sensors for assignment under [NOT ASSIGNED].

Assign your Gigaset sensors to a room.

  • Select a Gigaset sensor and tap on the Gigaset sensor.
  • Next, select [Room].
  • If a room has already been created, you can assign the Gigaset sensor to it by tapping on the room name.
  • If a room has not yet been created, select [Add new room] with the controller to the right.
  • Touch the line under [Room name] and assign the desired name.
  • Finally, click on the check mark in the upper area and the setting is saved.

Now assign all Gigaset climate and Gigaset thermostats to the desired rooms.

There is no need for a rule for the Gigaset climate sensors and Gigaset thermostats. To make a control, carry out the following steps:


  • Select the room for which you want to make the setting.
  • Tap on one of the Gigaset thermostats.
  • Please set the temperature that should always be maintained in the room, e.g. 20°C.
  • Please select the [Apply to room] button to set the setting for all Gigaset thermostats assigned to the room.

If the Gigaset climate detects that the room temperature falls below the set temperature, the Gigaset thermostats will be switched automatically until the room temperature is restored. If you have created a room in which no Gigaset climate is integrated, you can control your Gigaset thermostats manually or by rule.