1. mode [Out of home]:

The [Out of home] mode is set when someone is not at home for a long time. Only in this mode are the Gigaset sensors switched so that an alarm message is sent to the smartphone by push message when movement is registered. In other words, you will always be informed about what's going on in your home. Everything is also recorded here in the event list.

When you come home, switch the Smart Home System to [Home] via the elements app. Otherwise, the Gigaset siren (if fitted) will sound the alarm when you enter your home. You will also receive an alarm message via push message on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also use the Gigaset button to switch the smart home system. The smartphone is no longer needed for this.

2. mode [Home]:

The [Home] mode is set when someone is at home. In this mode, push messages are only displayed on the phone when [Homecoming] and [Suspected Burglary] are detected.

If someone leaves the object, the Gigaset motion detects movement, the Gigaset door then opens and closes the door. This sequence is not displayed as a push message, but is noted in the event list as [Motion detected], [Door open] and [Door closed].

If you have switched on "Privacy", no events are recorded either.

 3. mode [Individual]:

This mode is a combination of [Out of Home] and [Home]. Here you can individually set how each Gigaset sensor should react.

You have the following notification options to choose from: Off], [Notification] or [Alarm & Notification].

With the Gigaset door, for example, you can set which push message you want to receive when the door is opened. In the field below you can also set what should happen if someone tries to open the door by force.

The same is also possible with the Gigaset window. Here you can set which push message you would like to receive for [Window tilted] and [Window open].

4. mode [Night]:

This corresponds to the [Individual] mode and is set the same way.

So you have another mode that you can customize to suit your needs.

Thus, the Smart Home System offers some individual setting options in order to adapt the Smart Home System even better to your needs.