That may be because you have activated [Privacy]. If your Smart Home System is set to [Home], [Personal] or [Night], you can also enable [Privacy]. This means that the Gigaset camera will no longer record and no event messages from the Gigaset sensors will be displayed in the event list. An exception to this is [Homecoming] and the [Alarm]. Both are also displayed when privacy is activated.

 You can disable [Privacy] in the elements app as follows:

  • Please open the elements app and click on [Configuration].
  • In the following window you will see the [Alarm Mode] and select the mode to be set.
  • Move the [Privacy] slider to the left to deactivate the [Privacy] function.

You will then see events in your list again. The Gigaset camera will also record the videos as desired.

Please note that it is not possible to register new sensors or calibrate the sensors if the [Privacy] function is activated.

Another reason why you do not receive push messages may be that the push messages are switched off in the elements app. To switch them on or change them, proceed as follows:

  • Please open the elements app and click on the 3 horizontal stripes at the top left and then on [Account].
  • In the following window, click on [Notifications], scroll down the page in the next window and click on Push Notifications.
  • Now you can select the device that should receive the push messages. 
  • Slide the push notification slider of a [Homecoming], [Alarm], [System Status] and [Camera] to the right to enable the notification or to the left to disable it.