In principle, you have the option of receiving notifications in the elements app when your Gigaset camera registers a motion. To use the automatic recording function, you need one of the in-app packages (Welcome Indoor, Safety Indoor, Smart Indoor oder Director´s Cut Indoor). 

If you have booked the Welcom Indoor or the Director's Cut Indoor package, you also have the option of setting 2 zones.

Please use the following steps to configure the motion detection notifications for your Gigaset camera:

  • Please click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner
  • Please go to [Elements].
  • Please select your Gigaset camera.
  • Please click on [Motion detection].
  • Now please choose between [Events] and [Events and recordings].

If there are no recordings and no motion detection, it could probably be due to the wrong setting of the motion zone. The object/person has to cross the zone to trigger the motion detection.

The motion zone(s) work like trip wires: someone has to pass (at least partially, i.e. with their head, upper body or legs) from outside the zone into the zone itself (or vice versa) for motion detection to work. (Never drag the frame of the selected area over the whole image).

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the selected area.

The Sensitivity is the amount of change required in the image to increase the motion bar by one percentage. Sliding the Sensitivity bar to the left will decrease the sensitivity of the motion detection so more movement is required to create an event or get a recording. The best way to configure these settings is to adjust the settings and have someone walk in front of the camera until you are getting the required results. This trial and error method may take quite long to get right but it´s the best way to obtain good results.

If you have activated push messages for your smartphone in the elements app, you can see the notifications not only in the event list. You will also receive them as push messages directly on your smartphone.

You can only book packages in the Android or iOS app. The billing is done directly via the Google Play Store or the App Store.