If your Gigaset Smart Home system tells you that the battery of a Gigaset sensor (universal / door / window/ motion / water / climate / button) is almost empty, please replace it with an original battery. You can obtain these from our Gigaset Online Shop. 

Alternatively, you can use a lithium CR-123A 3V battery. These are available at the usual electronics stores. The following batteries have been tested by Gigaset and can be recommended for use with our products:

  • Duracell camera battery 123, CR17345, 3.0V, 1400mAh
  • Panasonic lithium CR123A, 3V, 1400mAh
  • Panasonic CR123A / CR123 / CR17345 lithium battery, 3V, 1400mAh
  • Energizer EL 123 AP CR 17345 1400mAh

If, through technical fault, your battery has been discharged much earlier than the expected average life, please contact our customer service.