The durability of the batteries depends on how much the respective sensor is used. Therefore, we can only give average values. With average use (private household), the battery of the sensors has a service life of one to two years.  

The following applies: The more the sensors are used, the shorter the battery life. This is because every small vibration wakes up the sensor and therefore consumes power. If the battery of a sensor discharges quickly, it may be because the door or window where the sensor is installed rattles due to gusts of wind, which constantly wakes up the sensor.

As soon as a sensor loses its connection to the Smart Home base, it tries to reconnect. If this condition lasts longer or occurs more frequently, it can reduce the average battery life. To prevent the sensors from constantly trying to reconnect, the Smart Home base should not be disconnected from power. If you need to disconnect the Smart Home base, please also remove the batteries from your sensors. 

Use high-quality batteries with a long service life.