Kindly note that memory content (your personal announcements in the answering machine, messages left on the handset, call list) of the Gigaset base station will be deleted after the reset.


  1. The reset of the base station:

- Unplug the power supply unit.

- Press and hold the paging key on the base station.

- Plug the power supply unit back in.

- Press and hold the paging key on the base station for another 5 seconds, then release it.


All handsets are de-registered. The system code is reset to 0000.


        2. Now re-register the handset by making the following entries on the handset:

            - Press

- Select "Settings" and confirm with "OK"

- Select "Registration" and press "OK" to confirm

- Confirm the item "Register HS (handset)" with "OK"

- Enter the system PIN (delivery status 0000) and confirm with "OK"

        3. Press and hold the Paging key on the base station for at least 5 seconds to start the registration.

 The base search is ends after 60 seconds.

 If the handset has not been registered during this time, please repeat the procedure.


After successful registration the handset is automatically assigned next available internal number.