Sustainable activity is especially important for Gigaset AG and its subsidiaries, especially Gigaset Communications GmbH. Gigaset seeks to permanently assume responsibility for all its activities and pay due consideration to social concerns, employee concerns, environmental concerns, respect for human rights and combating corruption and bribery in its business activities. 

To make it possible to compare itself also directly with other companies in this regard, Gigaset has been evaluated regularly since 2014 by the external institution EcoVadis, most recently in the 2019 financial year. In particular, EcoVadis evaluates environmental protection, work conditions, the respect of human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement, as well as ethics, particularly including combating corruption and bribery. In all these areas, EcoVadis evaluates the company’s policies, measures implemented and results achieved. Prestigious customers of Gigaset, including large telecommunications providers in Europe that attach importance to working with especially responsible suppliers with sustainable business practices, place their confidence in the evaluation results of EcoVadis. 


Gigaset achieved the “Gold” status in 2019, meaning that it achieves well aboveaverage scores in the evaluated categories, also compared to other manufacturers of communications devices.


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