In the default setting, the Smart Home system uses the notification tones set in your phone. You can change these directly in the settings of your smartphone.

An additional setting option is the sound setting of the elements app. You can activate this as follows:

  • Please open the elements App.
  • Click on the 3 horizontal stripes on the top left and select the menu item [Account] below.
  • In the next menu please select [Notifications]. Sometimes it may take a moment to display the [Sound] setting.

In the [Sound] menu, you can adjust all settings individually. For example, if you click [Alarm], you can choose from the manufacturer's own sounds. If you have a memory card with music in your phone, you can press the [+] in the upper right corner and choose from your own music. For each type of notification, you can set your own sound or song.

It is important that you move the [Override device sound settings] slider to the right in the overview to activate the [Sound] setting. 

The sounds set in the elements app will now be used as long as your smartphone allows this setting change.