To receive a call notification on your smartphone in the elements app, a Gigaset Go-Box must be registered on your Gigaset elements account.

The call notification must be activated in the web configurator (web UI) of the Go-Box. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the web configurator of the Go-Box:
  • Open the web browser on the PC/tablet
  • Enter in the address bar (if necessary, select the device).
  • After the connection has been successfully established, the web site [Registration] is displayed in the web browser.
  • Select the language you want
  • Enter PIN (default: 0000) and confirm with [OK].
  • (As an alternative to the address, you can also enter the IP address of the telephone. (e.g. - To determine the IP address of the telephone, press the Login-/Paging-key on the Go-Box briefly. The IP address is displayed on the registered handsets.

  • click on [Settings]

  • click on [Messaging]

  • click on [Call Notification]

  • select the connections for which you require notification about calls
  • click on [Save]
  • click on [Logout]