For this action to be executed, a few conditions must be fulfilled:

  • In order for an incoming call to be announced by name, the L800HX speaker must be linked to the Alexa account. 
  • The Amazon Alexa account must be verified via a mobile phone number. (In the Alexa app: [Settings] - [Your profile] - [Mobile number].
  • The contacts must be in the address book of the Alexa app. (If [Import Contacts] is set to "Enabled", allow Alexa to import your contacts regularly from the address book of your device) - In the Alexa app: [Settings] - [Communication] - [Manage Contacts] - [Import Contacts] must be set to "Enabled".
  • Alternatively, contacts can also be added manually. - In the Alexa app: [Settings] - [Communication] - [Manage contacts] - [Add contact].
  • The country and city code must be correct

In addition, no more than one Amazon Alexa account can be linked to a mobile number.