As with all Wi-Fi products, there are various reasons that can cause problems on setting it up . Please try this: 

  1. Make sure that the doorbell only sees one "mesh point" if you are using a mesh network or different repeater -  and that your phone is also connected to it. (You can also simply pull others out until the doorbell is set up.
  2. Do not set up the Smart Doorbell while its Internet line is heavily used. 
  3. Test the WLAN connection with the door closed with a speed test or a Whats App video call on your smartphone.
  4. When prompted to reset the Smart Doorbell, remove the doorbell from its holder and press the reset button for 15 seconds. Please contact our Service center if you don’t get it connected.
  5. There must be 9.6W - 15W on the bell wire to which the Doorbell is connected, otherwise the Doorbell cannot work properly.