Byron 772 Gong mechanical two-tone chime

Byron 776 with built-in transformer

Honeywell E2692N Mechanical chime

Friedland Honeywell D103 Mechanical chime Gala

HUBER Two Tone Chime Bell Mechanical For Front Door / Mechanical Doorbell

Blyss F-1 Mechanical chime

In general all mechanical doorbells can be compatible if they have 

  1. A Trafo with min 9.6W  ( 8-12V / 1,5A for example) 
  2. Enough space to add the power kit adapter from your electrician


I have installed everything but my old doorbell is humming!


Please check your Power Kit Adapter installation. In 90% of this happening the Power Kit Adapter is not installed. In minor occasions the doorbell is too old or to low powered to drive a video doorbell . If this happens a new mechanical doorbell ( 8-10 Euro) with a 12V Trafo can help out.