Some basic chimes are not made to give so much current to a video doorbell. Most customers just unwire the doorbell – close the circle and use the video doorbell without a mechanical chime. You will hear the ring on every smart phone, all your Alexas and later on your Gigaset Go Phones. This step is quite easy:



If you still want to use a mechanical chime please check if you have a chime Trafo with 12V, 1A and a chime that has top, back and rear connection. Checking the wires to and from chime should always be the first step. If this did not help you can replace trafo and / or chime. An Electrician really helps here to judge what is best for your home. 

As every chime installation is different we can not forsee what part of installation needs to be adjusted. We can just give hints. 




What does my electrician needs to know on installing the video doorbell ?


  • Video doorbell needs 9.6W  (peak)  
  • 8V -1A standard trafo can be ok – 12V – 1A is better  (not more than 15W)
  • If the mechanical chime is very simple (coil / small) than it can start humming after installation – maybe replaced by a bigger 10 Euro chime
  • If the wiring is purely made – the doorbell can sound differently after installation




What is the Power Kit Adapter necessary for and how to install it? 


The electrician bridges the connections of the mechanical bell with the Power Kit Adapter. It is connected to the two connections where the bell wire is located. This is necessary because a mechanical bell only gets power the moment someone rings. However, the Smart Doorbell requires continuous power. Without the Power Kit Adapter, the Doorbell can get too much power and break. 


   Wie Sie Pro Power Kit V2 für Ring Video Doorbell Pro installieren – Ring  Help