ATTENTION: Before you start logging in the thermostat, batteries must not yet be inserted.

(after the batteries have been inserted, the thermostat goes into registration mode for a certain time).

  • open the elements APP
  • click on [ELEMENTS] on the start screen of the app, alternatively on the 3 crossbars at the top left and then on [Elements].
  • click on the orange button with the plus (bottom right)
  • click on [thermostat].
  • Now insert the batteries into the thermostat and follow the instructions in the app (when logging in, make sure that the thermostat is no more than one metre away from the base)
  • When mounting your thermostat on the heating system, make sure that the thread does not jam and that you use the correct adapter for the heating valve.

If you want to unscrew the thermostat from the heating valve, please reset the thermostat beforehand so that the pin of the thermostat can move to its original position.

To do this, press all 3 buttons simultaneously until the countdown has counted from 1 to 9.