Dear Gigaset Smart Home customer,


Please note that your Elements Base can only be connected if you follow the steps described below to solve the problem.

In this context, we would like to point out once again that it is absolutely necessary to switch off the power to the Elements Base for 1 minute before following steps 2 to 7.

 Note for customers for which the procedure only worked for a short time (Elements Base was shortly "online" and then "offline" or went "offline" after changing the mode):

We made an adjustment to this behaviour at 09:30 this morning and corrected the error.

To make the correction effective, it is essential that you repeat the procedure that has already been completed.

We are very sorry for this incident and apologize very much for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your support

Your Gigaset Team


Dear Gigaset Smart Home customer,

if your activation code is not recognised during the registration procedure, please note the following:

  • Ensure that the affected base is not connected according to the app.

    (Elements App / Menu / Elements)

    Note: A base that is already connected to the app cannot be connected a second time.

  • The activation code required for re-registration is on the back of the base and always has 10 digits.
  • Not all bases contain the activation code as a QR code. Please enter it manually.
  • If your activation code contains the character "I", it is the letter "i" like India and not the digit "1".
  • When you enter the activation code, please make sure that there are no spaces either before or after the activation code.


Thank you for your support

Your Gigaset Team


Dear Gigaset Smart Home customer,


since the early hours of this morning, we have experienced a technical problem that has caused your Gigaset Smart Home base station (called "Elements Base") to be offline and thus no longer connected to the system. 


We are sorry about this incident and have been working the past hours to fix the problem. Your Base station is invisible at the moment. 


You can now reactivate your Gigaset Base on your own. To do so, please follow these steps exactly. 


  1. Unplug the power adapter of your base station from the power outlet. 
  2. Wait for one minute, then plug the power supply back in and wait until the first two LEDs light up again. The LAN cable (connection to your router) can stay plugged in all the time. 
  3. Now open the Gigaset elements app on your smartphone. Tap the menu icon on the top left and select "Elements". Then tap + in the top right corner and select "base".

    NOTE: For the next step you have a time slot of 3 minutes and need the activation code of your Elements Base.
    You will find it behind the cover on the back at the lower left. (see photo above)

  4. Now shortly press the button (do not hold it pressed) on the top of the Elements Base. The lowest LED must now flash quickly.
  5. You will be invited to enter the 10-digit Activation Code for your Elements Base.  Please note that the code is case sensitive.
  6. After the base station has been reconnected, all your sensors and routines will be visible and functional in the app again. 
  7. If a sensor still appears offline, it helps to briefly press the button on the respective sensor. Then it will reconnect to your smart home system.  


Please do not delete any sensors or bases on your system independently, as the settings and rules will then also be deleted. If you have multiple accounts, it is important that you connect the bases with the respective account.


If your base station did not enter the pairing mode – please proceed this again by switching it from the power socket. 


For further questions and current information click here:


Thank you for your support

Your Gigaset Team



Fr., 23 June 2023 um 10:51 AM

Last night (from Thursday to Friday June 23rd) our Gigaset Smart Home and Smart Care bases were switched to a new SSL certificate. This happens regularly and normally has no negative effect. Unfortunately, we have to state that this could not be carried out on all bases this time.

We are working hard to solve the problem and thank you for your patience. Please do not take any further action until we inform you here.