The different variants of the Gigaset phones are differentiated from an original device by certain features. An overview of the relevant devices can be found in the attached PDF. In this list, you can search for a specific variant using the PDF search function to find the respective product features.

To understand the list a little better here are a few notes:

1. Letters at the end of the product name always stand for an addition:

  • HX = extended handset without base.
  • H = handset without base station
  • A = Answering Machine
  • IP = IP telephony
  • GO = handset with an additional GO box

2. Explanation of terms from the list

  • Amazon variant = variant is sold exclusively via Amazon
  • Country variant = variant is only sold in certain countries, but not in Germany (features and performance characteristics of these devices may differ from the original device)
  • Color variant = variant with a different color

The list is not yet complete and will be added to over time.