If you have integrated a "siren" in your elements system, you can trigger a 90-second alarm via the [Panic Button] in the elements app.

You also have the option of triggering the alarm via the "button". In this case, a "rule" must be created for this:

  • open the elements app
  • click on the 3 horizontal stripes in the upper left corner
  • click on [Rules]
  • click on [ADD NEW]
  • click on [BUTTON]
  • select [Sirens] and click on [CONTINUE]
  • select the [BUTTON] to trigger the alarm and click [CONTINUE]
  • select the BUTTON PRESS to trigger the alarm (e.g. Double-press) and then click on [CONTINUE]
  • select the "siren" that is to trigger the alarm and then click on [CONTINUE].
  • give the "rule" a name and then click on [FINISH]