Factory reset

If the smart doorbell is already logged into an Elements account and registered in the elements app, it is absolutely necessary (for a complete factory setting) to remove it from the app first. 

To do this, please proceed as follows:

Step 1

  • Tap on the "three bars" at the top of the app's home screen
  • tap on "Elements
  • tap on "the smart doorbell to be deleted"
  • tap on "the rubbish bin" in the top right-hand corner

The smart doorbell is now removed from your Elements account but is still connected to your router and the video server.

To remove the smart doorbell from the video server, proceed as follows:

Step 2 (smart doorbell - Reset)

  • Use the screwdriver provided to remove the smart doorbell from the holder. 
  • Look for the Reset button on the back of your smart doorbell. 
  • Press the Reset button for about 11 seconds. 
  • Wait approx. 1 minute until the doorbell has booted up again.
  • The smart doorbell is reset once it flashes white slowly. 
  • Now you can connect the smart doorbell to a new account.