In order for calls to be displayed in the elements app, the notification on the WebUI of the Go-Box must be switched on in the settings. (See example screenshot below)

To do this, proceed as follows: WebUI of the Go-Box --> Settings --> Messaging --> Call Notification --> Set the check mark behind your phone connection. 

If you have switched on notification on the WebUi of the Go-Box, but calls are still not displayed in the elements App.

To reconnect the GO-Box, the existing connection must first be disconnected.

Please proceed as follows via Elements App:

  • Disconnect:                                                                                                                                                                           Elements App -->Menu -->Elements -->phone -->Bin (upper right corner)
  • Switch off the power to the telephone base:

    Now briefly disconnect the S850A GO from the power supply and wait approx. 2 minutes after switching it back on before proceeding to the next step.

  • Connect to the Elements App again:

    Elements App -->Menu -->Elements -->GO-Box --> follow the instructions.


At the time of connection via the Elements app, the smartphone must be in the same network as the GO-Box.

The WEB UI of the GO-Box must not be open and logged in. Otherwise it will not be possible to carry out the procedure.

It is also advisable for the login time to connect the GO-Box directly to the router LAN port and not (if available) to a LAN switch.


Please bear in mind that virus scanners installed on the smartphones may interfere with the communication of the push messages.

It is possible to register only one GO-Box per system.