Your camera service will cease on 31.05.2024

As part of Gigaset's commitment to deliver the highest performance in smart home security, and as part of our privacy and data protection policy for our customers, we continuously review the ability of our products and services to meet and exceed technology and cybersecurity standards in the marketplace.
Based on this analysis, we determine when our products and services need to be updated or retired and moved to their end-of-life (EOL) stage. When deciding to phase out a product or service, several factors are considered, including data security, privacy, product and service performance, functionality, utility, operational efficiency and updateability.
The Gigaset elements Camera was launched in 2014 as our first IP security camera. Today, we found that the camera no longer supports security updates according to today's standards. Therefore, the Gigaset elements Camera is declared EOL until the end of May 2024.

This means:

  • No function from 01.06.24
  • No cloud
  • No support
  • No firmware upgrades
  • No bug fixes
  • No maintenance releases
  • No workarounds or patches
  • No spare parts
  • No replacement devi


We encourage you to visit to view our current camera portfolio and upgrade to a new camera with current safety standards.


Can I still use the Gigaset elements Camera?

  • When the Camera Cloud is switched off on 31.05.2024, the Gigaset elements Camera will no longer be usable, as it is purely cloud-based and does not have its own storage.

Are my camera services (Safety Indoor, Smart Indoor and Director's Cut Indoor) still working?

  • Until 31.05.2024, the camera and recording service packages will still work. However, please make sure to cancel your subscription in time in the Apple or Google Store if you do not want to replace the Gigaset elements Camera with a newer indoor model from Gigaset. If you decide to replace the camera with a new indoor camera or if you already own several indoor cameras, you can continue to use the indoor camera package for 3 cameras.

What are the next steps to do?

  • Please take a look at our current camera portfolio at The Gigaset Camera 2.0 is also an indoor camera that supports Full HD in live view.
    You have received an offer via email and InApp News when you decide to switch to a new camera. You can add multiple cameras to your shopping bag.
    Please cancel your yearly camera service packages so you don't forget when the camera is switched off.

Why can't it work forever?

  • Technical progress is advancing so fast that an IP device developed in 2013 can no longer meet the requirements of the market today.  Software updates at that time were planned only very seldom, today you have to do them every quarter.

I only have one Gigaset camera and have missed cancelling my subscription. What can I do?

  • Until next year 30.05.2024, the camera and recording service packages will still work. After the camera support ( Gigaset elements Camera ) is discontinued, you can contact our service or cancel directly via Google or Apple. We will try to assist you in canceling the contract when cameras are no longer available. Please understand that Google and Apple have their own service contracts and we can only support you with the cancellation.