In Out-of-Home mode, the time delay determines the amount of time that must elapse before an alarm is triggered. This way you do not have to set the desired mode in advance, but have enough time to arrive home relaxed.

For example, if you set a delay of 30 seconds, you can activate Home mode within this period using your smartphone or a Gigaset button. If you don't manage to do this within these 30 seconds, an alarm is automatically triggered. This function therefore allows you to set the time you need to enter your house after arrival.

To set the time delay, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the horizontal stripes at the top left
  • Click on [Configuration]
  • Click on [Alarm].
  • At [Alarm delay] you can set the time delay.
  • Click on the tick at the top right to save

Please keep in mind that shorter alarm response times contribute to the security of your system; therefore we recommend a maximum delay of 30 seconds.