To be able to register your Gigaset smart camera, please check the following points:

  • Please make sure that you have a visible WLAN network.
  • The camera should be near the router when logging in.
  • The location query on the smartphone must be granted for the camera.
  • Please use a WPA2 key for the connection, not the WPS key.
  • Your WLAN password should not contain any special characters such as §, \, ", & or similar and no more than 20 characters. (For the Camera 2.0, Outdoor Camera and Doorbell, the special characters !, $, %, /, ?, = and # and a total of up to 30 characters are accepted)
  • Our Gigaset smart camera uses 2.4GHz WLAN network and requires automatic IP assignment. 5Ghz networks are not supported.
  • Mesh networks are also not supported.
  • There may be problems with hybrid routers (GSM/DSL).
  • The IP assignment from the router must be set to automatic (IPv4, not IPv6).
  • If you have connected to the camera's WLAN in the login process, also confirm this if your smartphone asks for confirmation of the connection in a PoP-up window. (This network has no Internet access / Keep connection? - please select "YES")
  • If the smartphone has already accessed the camera's WLAN, it should be deleted from the smartphone's saved WLAN networks.
  • The antenna must be screwed on (this only applies to the outdoor camera).

If the camera has already been in operation, it must always be reset beforehand.

Camera 2.0 - Reset
Outdoor Camera - Reset
Smart Camera - Reset
Elements Camera - Reset

In addition, the camera must not be connected with Bluetooth beforehand, but only when you are informed of this during the login process in the elements app.

Why are mesh networks not supported?

The Gigaset camera requires a permanently assigned network.

If you are using a mesh network, please specify in the router which network should be assigned to the Gigaset camera.

Why are 5Ghz networks not supported?

The 5-GHz band offers greater bandwidth but has a shorter range compared to a 2.4-GHz band. Therefore, please set the network to 2.4 GHz in the router settings for the camera.