Please remove the battery of the sensors for 30 minutes.

Immediately after removing the battery, press the button on the top of the sensor 10 times.

Before you insert the battery again after 30 minutes, disconnect the Smart Home base and the router from the power supply for a short time. First, reconnect the router to the power supply. When the router is available again, reconnect power to the Smart Home base.

When the Smart Home base is available again, insert the battery back into the sensor. Start the calibration. When you are asked to press the button on the sensor to wake it up, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The door/window must be firmly closed. If you are asked to open the door/window two fingers' width (5 cm), open it one hand's or foot's width. In this way, the sensor recognises more precisely when the door/window is open and when it is closed.

Now the sensor is calibrating. Please make sure that the privacy function is deactivated for the calibration. If privacy is activated, the calibration will not work. You can find the setting in the Gigaset elements app under [Configuration] -> [Home] or selected mode -> [Privacy].

If this does not change, please change the sensitivity of the sensor. You can find the setting directly in the Gigaset elements app under [Elements] -> Select sensor -> [Sensitivity]. If the change is successful, please calibrate the sensor again.