To indicate its status, the Gigaset Smart camera has an LED that can light up in different colours. Each light or flash of the camera indicates a status and with the legend below you can understand exactly what the camera is doing.

  • Blue: The smart camera is booting/starting.
  • Blue flashing: Connects to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • One long green flash: Smart camera ready for use.
  • One long green flash after activation: Privacy mode disabled.
  • Green light: Manual recording & live stream.
  • One long red flash: Privacy enabled.
  • LED off: Smart camera is online.
  • Sporadic flashing: Wi-Fi connection interrupted.

If the WLAN connection is interrupted, the Gigaset camera protects itself and logs off. This may appear to be a failure, but the system indicates the loss of connection (via the Gigaset elements app). In this case, a quick restart of the Gigaset camera provides a quick remedy. To do this, disconnect the Gigaset camera from the power supply for 30 seconds.