As of elements app version 9.1.2 (unfortunately, we have received a request from Google to deactivate the previous solution of "overwriting the ringtone").  

But if you do not want to be disturbed by your smartphone in a meeting, for example, but still want to hear an alarm from your elements system, proceed as follows:

  • Please open the elements app and click on the 3 horizontal stripes on the top left and then on [System].
  • In the following window, click on [Notifications], scroll down the page and click on [System settings].
  • Click [Notifications].
  • Click [Alarm] (do not click the slide switch).
  • Click [Advanced] and scroll down the screen
  • Turn on [Override Do not disturb].
  • Click [Sound] to select a notification sound.
  • This allows you to ignore "Override Do Not Disturb" for other events such as Homecoming.

However, the volume of the alert is tied to the ringtone volume.