You can connect your elements account with Alexa as follows:

  • Please open the Amazon Alexa app and log in.
  • Please click on [Skills], not on smart home.
  • Please search for the Gigaset smart home skill "Smart Home by Gigaset.
  • Please activate the skills and log in with your elements account.
  • Please give Amazon the rights to access your elements account.


Your elements account is now connected to Alexa.

The following commands can now be used:

Alexa, tell Gigaset "help" - Alexa explains the possibilities of the skills.

Alexa, tell Gigaset I'm going to bed - Alexa activates the night mode.

Alexa, tell Gigaset I'm gone - Alexa activates the [Out of Home] mode.

Alexa, tell Gigaset "My mode" - Alexa activates the [Individual] mode.

Switching to [Home] mode by voice command is not available for security reasons.