The motion detection of the Gigaset motion is based on infrared technology. This means that the sensor reacts to heat radiation or temperature fluctuations in its field of vision and thus to the body heat of people or animals.

The range is 12 m x 90.

False trigger

False triggering is possible if there are large temperature fluctuations or reflections in the field of view of your sensor. In some cases, this can cause you to receive notifications even if no one is moving around in your home.

For this reason, you should make sure that there are no intense heat sources such as heaters or strong lights, or large radiation-reflecting surfaces in the field of view of the Gigaset motion.

Movements of animals with a body weight of less than 25kg are not usually detected by Gigaset motion. However, movement may be detected if the animal is moving at the same height in front of the motion detector.

The Gigaset motion does not trigger:

To prevent you from being flooded with motion reports in your elements app and to extend battery life, Gigaset motion waits 20 seconds until it reports the next motion. If there is continuous movement in the field of view of Gigaset motion, it will not report again until no movement has been detected for 20 seconds.

If your system is set to [Home] mode and [Privacy] is switched on, no movements are indicated by the motion either.

To switch privacy on or off, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open the Gigaset elements app
  • Click on the horizontal stripes at the top left
  • Click on [Configuration]
  • Under [Alarm Mode], click on [Home].
  • Now the privacy can be switched on and off by clicking on the button.