A quick look at the weather report

Who doesn't know the questions when you leave the house in the morning:

  • Is it getting cold, do I need to put on a sweater?
  • Is it going to rain, do I need to bring my umbrella?

Where can this question be answered at a glance - without any interaction?

On the screen of a Gigaset handset placed in the charging cradle!

With this functionality, the phone is used even when it is inactive in the charging cradle. And it's much easier than with a smartphone: No pin to enter, no app to launch, the info is just always there.

This is possible with all Gigaset IP base stations such as the GO base stations.

To activate this screen saver, you have to make the following settings on the Gigaset handset:

First activate the info services as a screen saver on the Gigaset handset:

  • Select Menu → Settings → Display & Keypad → Screensaver
  • Then activate Screensaver, select Info Services and save these settings by pressing the button in the upper right corner.

Then set the location to be displayed:

  • Select Menu → Info Center → Weather → Add location
  • Type in the location and press OK
  • Select the location you are looking for and save
  • If you like, you can also enter several locations. In the next step, one of the locations is then selected.

Finally, select the "Weather" info service and the right place as a screensaver:

  • Select Menu → Info Center → Screensaver
  • Select Weather and your desired location
  • Save your settings with OK

After the Gigaset handset has been in the charging cradle for a few seconds, the weather report for the selected location appears.

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