If you too are experiencing delayed Homecoming / Homeleaving notifications, there are a number of reasons why this may be happening.

  • Stop using battery and phone optimisation apps. Most phone and battery optimisation apps close all background processes to free up RAM and put less load on the phone. This can increase the speed of your phone, but will result in delayed or missing notifications from your apps.
  • Do not terminate background processes yourself. Following up to the point above, many users like to disable background processes in Android settings to get a bit of a performance boost. You should also stay away from task-killing apps that promise to kill the app completely if you close an app with them. They also kill background processes while closing the app interface.
  • Use power saving mode wisely. Normally, you are prompted to turn on power saving mode when your battery drops below 15%, which is great for keeping your phone alive when you need it. However, power saving mode disables an important function of the phone, namely data synchronisation. So you won't receive any notifications either.
  • It may also be that mobile data usage in the background is deactivated in your elements app. To do this, go to "Apps & Notifications" in the settings of your smartphone, click on "show all apps", find the elements app and click on "Mobile data and WLAN" in the app settings. Background data must be switched on there. If you have activated a data saving mode, the item "Unrestricted data use" must also be switched on.