Technical requirements and data

Compatible doorbells

Legal requirements

Subscription for the Doorbell


Technical requirements und data

Before you buy a smart doorbell, you should talk to your electrician. Although the installation itself it very easy there are some obstacles you have to solve before buying. 

  1. Please check that your bell transformer brings between 9,6-15W. If you have a standard 8V / 1A transformer, this will also work but here the sound of your old bell can change.  A Trafo 12V / 1A or 8V / 1.5A are perfectly suitable. 
  2. Hold your smartphone in front of your existing bell and take a photo of your partner standing in front of the door at a normal distance. If they see only the person's belly, simply replacing the old bell is difficult. To ensure that the person ringing the doorbell can be satisfactorily recognised within the range of vision of the elements app, the doorbell should be mounted on the house wall at a height of 1.50 m if possible. If you have steps directly in front of the house door, the doorbell can also be installed lower, as the person ringing the bell is lower than the house door.
  3. Do I have enough space in the old bell to install the Power Adapter Kit? This becomes important because only a properly installed bell does not hum even under continuous load.
  4. Do I have enough internet bandwith in front of the door – even if my family surfs the internet? Some routers allow the prioritisation of devices. (The WI-FI should never be turned off.)

Required internet speed:

  1. For each camera in your (W)LAN network, the upload capacity is the most important of your internet connection. Since the camera sends the videos directly to the Gigaset Cloud, it needs a certain upload speed. (min 2MB/s). 
  2. As more devices use the same internet connection, more upload is needed.

Technical data of the camera


Compatible doorbells

Byron 772 Gong mechanical two-tone chime

Honeywell E2692N Mechanical chimeFriedland Honeywell D103 Mechanical chime Gala
HUBER Two Tone Chime Bell Mechanical For Front Door / Mechanical DoorbellBlyss F-1 Mechanical chime


In general all mechanical doorbells can be compatible if they have 

  1. A Trafo with min 9.6W  ( 8-12V / 1,5A for example) 
  2. Enough space to add the power kit adapter from your electrician

The smart doorbell is designed to be easy to replace, so we are limiting ourselves to mechanical doorbells. If you do want to use a different bell, an electrician can undoubtedly show you how to use it, or how to add a mechanical bell.


Legal requirements

Different countries have different laws on the use of outdoor cameras and smart doorbells. Where in England you are not allowed to record your neighbours' conversations, in Germany you are not allowed to film a neighbour, a street or a moving car. In the Netherlands, you are not allowed to film in public areas. Is your house near a continuous road or the pavement? Then make sure that the angle of view only covers your own premises. You are responsible for complying with the laws in force in England for the use of a smart doorbell.


Subscription for the Doorbell

No, the Smart Doorbell works completely without subscriptions. The liveview, the notification with screenshot and the smart home alarm (in the system) are always free. But if you want to record videos of the visitors and also the recording when moving, you need a camera package. If you already have an outdoor package, you don't need to buy a new one, as it supports up to three products.