Factory reset

If the Camera 2.0 is already logged into an Elements account and registered in the elements app, it is absolutely necessary (for a complete factory reset) to remove it from the app first. 

To do this, please proceed as follows:

Step 1

  • Tap on the "three bars" at the top left of the app home screen
  • tap on "Elements Devices"
  • tap on the "Camera 2.0" to be deleted
  • tap on the "rubbish bin" in the top right-hand corner

The Camera 2.0 is now removed from your Elements account but is still connected to your router and the video server.

To remove the Camera 2.0 from the video server, proceed as follows:

Step 2 Camera 2.0 (see "Video - Reset.mp4" in the appendix) 

  • Camera 2.0 is still switched on, or switch it on and wait approx. 60 seconds until the camera has booted up.
  • Use a SIM-tray-pin or office clip to carefully press and hold the reset button below the camera.
  • after approx. 20 sec. you will hear a soft "click" of the camera's relay and the status LED (above the lens) will light up at the same time for approx. 5 sec. and then it goes out.
  • After the status LED has turned off after the 5 seconds mentioned above, you can release the reset button
  • Now wait for a further approx. 40 sec. until the status LED flashes in the sequence "short, short, long" (see "Video - Ready for registration.mp4" in the appendix) 
  • Please now disconnect the power supply for about 10 sec.
  • After the power plug has been connected again, please wait again until the camera flashes in the sequence "short, short, long". (see "Video - Ready for registration.mp4" in the appendix)
  • The whole process (step 2) takes about 140 to 150 seconds in total
  • After completing steps 1 and 2, the Camera 2.0 is in the delivery state.

Attention! If you receive an error message after installing the camera that you have to reset the camera for "security reasons", wait approx. 3 hours after resetting the camera until you start logging in.