• Open the Gigaset Elements app 
  • Click on the 3 horizontal stripes at the top left (menu)
  • Click on [Elements Devices]
  • Click on the [+] sign (Android - bottom right / iOS - top right)
  • Click on [Smart Camera & Doorbell]
  • Click on [indoor camera]
  • Now please follow steps 1 -14
After you have connected the Camera 2.0, please wait until the status LED above the camera lens flashes in the cycle "short, short, long" (see video - ready to log in.mp4 in the appendix - otherwise it is not possible to log in the camera) and then click on continue.

(if this is not the case, please scroll down and look under *1))

Read through the text and then click on "Continue".
After you have scanned or entered the code, click "Continue.
Please read through the text.

You can access the WLAN settings via the settings of your smartphone.


If you are using an iOS device (Apple), a message window pops up (see picture below). Please click on "Join", then you will get to point 8 (points 5, 6 and 7 are skipped).

All WLAN networks in the neighbourhood are displayed here. Select your Camera 2.0 here. The name of the camera always starts with GIGASET-8cae89xxxxxx .

After successful login, the camera name will say "Connected - No Internet".

Then go back to the elements app.

Shortly after the Camera 2.0 is connected to your smartphone, a message window pops up.

Click on the message window.

Confirm with "YES" that you want to keep this Internet connection and then click on "Continue".
On this page, select the WLAN network (WLAN router) to which you want to connect the camera and then click on "Continue".
Attention: If no WLAN network or your WLAN network is not displayed, disconnect the power supply to the camera for 5 seconds and wait until the status LED flashes again in the cycle "short, short, long", then repeat the login process

Enter the network key of your WLAN router here and then click on "Continue".

Please also check the password you have entered

(If you click on the "eye", you will see your entry).

When this window appears, please wait approx. 20 seconds until you click on "Continue".
Attention: If you receive an error message after some time stating that the camera must be reset for security reasons, reset it as described in *1) and repeat the login procedure.
Now it may take some time until you reach the point where you specify in which "room" the camera is to be used, if you have already created rooms, and then click on "Continue".

Here you enter the name of the camera (e.g. Camera Living Room) and then click on "Continue".
Please enter the correct time zone where the camera is to be used and then click on "Continue".
Finally, click on "Finish"

Problems after installation (connection cannot be established):

  • If the installation of Camera 2.0 was successful, but the snapshot is displayed blurred in the overview (see image on the left) and you cannot establish a live connection to the camera, please close the elements app completely (see image on the right) and open it again.

  • If, after the installation process, the camera's speaker says " Wifi connection failed ..... " and no access to the camera is possible, you may have used a special character such as §, ", &, \, or similar in the WiFi password that the camera does not accept. (The special characters !, $, %, /, ?, = and # are accepted) or you have entered the Wi-Fi password incorrectly during the login process. Note: The camera must be reset before logging in again. (see below)

*1) If the LED doesn't flash in the cycle "short, short, long", the camera must be reset. 

  • the Camera 2.0 must be connected to the power supply and wait 60 seconds.
  • Carefully press and hold the reset button underneath the camera using a SIM slide pin or a paper clip. (see picture on the right)
  • After up to 20 seconds, you will hear a soft "click" of the camera relay and the status LED (above the lens) will light up simultaneously for approx. 8 seconds and then go out.
  • After the LED has gone out after the 8 seconds mentioned above, you can release the reset button.
  • Now wait a further approx. 40 seconds until the status LED flashes in the cycle "short, short, long". (see video - Ready to log in.mp4 in the appendix
  • Disconnect the power supply for approx. 5 seconds and wait until the status LED flashes again in the "short, short, long" cycle. (after approx. 60 seconds)
  • The Camera 2.0 can now be registered.