Tematy techniczne (sprzęt i oprogramowanie)

Notifications of the elements app
For all settings and configurations described here, you must have both the Gigaset elements app installed on your smartphone as well as a Gigaset elements a...
wt, 17 Sty, 2023 o 9:08 RANO
Sensors - calibration issues
There are problems with the "sony xperia" series.  Those don't have a pure Android system, but additionally a lot of Sony-Software on it, ...
śr, 27 Kwi, 2022 o 11:03 RANO
Siren - Offline status of the siren is shows with a delay
This is expected behavior - up to 40 minutes is the maximum delay for offline notification.
śr, 27 Kwi, 2022 o 10:40 RANO
smart camera - 2.4 GHz or 5GHz WLAN networks?
The Gigaset smart camera can only work with a 2.4 GHz network. The 5 GHz band offers greater bandwidth but has a shorter range compared to a 2.4 GHz band.
pt, 21 Paź, 2022 o 11:09 RANO
Smart camera - LED status info
To indicate its status, the Gigaset Smart camera has an LED that can light up in different colours. Each light or flash of the camera indicates a status and...
pt, 21 Paź, 2022 o 11:14 RANO
Smart camera - Shows a pink picture. What can I do?
If your camera image has a purple tint, it means that the blocking filter used to switch the camera in and out of night mode is stuck. To fix this, you need...
śr, 19 Paź, 2022 o 3:08 PO POŁUDNIU
Smart camera - Why can't I access my Gigaset smart camera via IP?
The Gigaset smart camera is a security camera and therefore prevents unsecure access such as web browsers from accessing it via IP.
pt, 21 Paź, 2022 o 11:17 RANO
Smoke 2.0 - after changing the 9V battery, I am still shown "low battery".
After you have replaced the 9V battery of the Smoke 2.0, you must carry out a Smoke test to reset the battery display. Otherwise, the app will continue to d...
pt, 26 Maj, 2023 o 12:20 PO POŁUDNIU
The battery of a Gigaset sensor is almost empty, what can you do?
If your Gigaset Smart Home system tells you that the battery of a Gigaset sensor (universal / door / window/ motion / water / climate / button) is almost e...
śr, 19 Paź, 2022 o 3:41 PO POŁUDNIU
The Gigaset climate displays different temperatures than the Gigaset Universal Sensor. Why?
We performed corresponding tests with a Gigaset climate and a Gigaset Universal Sensor next to it, which also displays the temperature. The result shows th...
pt, 6 Sty, 2023 o 10:52 RANO