Factory reset

If the Smart Camera is already logged into an Elements account and registered in the elements app, it is absolutely necessary (for a complete factory setting) to remove it from the app first. 

To do this, please proceed as follows:

Step 1

  • Tap on the "three bars" at the top of the app's home screen
  • tap on "Elements Devices" 
  • tap on "the Smart Camera to be deleted"
  • tap on "the rubbish bin" in the top right-hand corner

The Smart Camera is now removed from your Elements account but is still connected to your router and the video server.

To remove the Smart Camera from the video server, proceed as follows:

Step 2 (Camera - Reset) 

  • switch on the camera
  • wait at least 30 sec. until the camera has started completely
  • press the reset pin and keep it pressed (with the help of a paper clip)
  • the LED starts flashing red
  • when the LED turns blue again, release the reset pin