With the rule manager you can create rules for the sensors that automatically control functions in the system. 

For example, you can define when the mode [Home], [Out of Home], [Night] and [Custom] should be switched automatically at a certain time.

For the Gigaset plug, the switchable power socket, you can specify at what time it should switch on and off. Another option is to pair the Gigaset plug with the Gigaset motion. If the Gigaset motion detects movement, it activates the Gigaset plug. This function is suitable for a night light, for example.

Certain functions can be stored for the Gigaset button, a sensor that functions like a kind of switch. The sensors respond to these functions. If you press the switch, for example, you can switch the light on, light off or [Out of home] mode on or off. All this with just one click.

You can also set switching rules for the Gigaset thermostat. When should the heating be turned up and when should it be turned down? Simply set this easily and conveniently and your smart home system will do the rest.

Have you integrated a Philipps Hue system?

Let it switch on in case of an alarm, when the Gigaset motion detects movement or with the Gigaset button.

The rule manager allows you to set different rules on specific days of the week. You can choose whether these rules are switched on weekdays, only on weekends or individually (Monday to Sunday).

In the following example video, a rule is created in which a smart plug switches on a lamp for 3 hours from Monday to Friday at 18:00.