If you want to register your outdoor camera via WLAN, proceed as follows:

  • open the Gigaset elements app 
  • click on the 3 horizontal stripes in the upper left corner
  • click on [Elements]
  • click on the round button with the [+] in the bottom right-hand corner  
  • click on [smart camera]
  • slide the page upwards and click on [outdoor camera].
  • click on [WLAN] and then on [Next].
  • follow the instructions of the app and click on [Next].
  • follow the instructions of the app again and then click on [Next].
  • click on [Next]
  • You now have the option of entering the camera MAC ID (Activation Code) or scanning the corresponding QR code (it is on the back of the camera and on the back of the Quick Start Guide).
    • when entering the MAC ID, type in [OUTDOOR CAMERA MAC] and enter the MAC ID (it always starts with 8cae...) and then click on [Next].
    • when you scan the MAC-ID, tap on the height of [QR-Code] - a window of your camera image will open. (if necessary, slide the window upwards to show the complete picture) Now hold your smartphone over the QR code so that the QR code appears clearly visible and sharp in the display field. When the MAC ID is read, it automatically appears in the [OUTDOOR CAMERA MAC] field. Then click on [Next]. 
  • follow the instructions of the app. (After selecting the network GIGASET-8cae........ return to the elements app and click [Next]). 
  • click on your network and then click on [Next].
  • under [PASSWORD] enter your WLAN password from your network and then click on [Next].
  • The app now indicates that your WLAN connection has been successfully established. Click on [Next].
  • select a room where the camera is to be installed or click on [Add New Room] and enter a name for a new room (e.g. Garage) and then click on [Next].
  • Now you can give your camera a name under [Friendly Name] and then click on [Next].
  • now create the time zone where your camera is located. Click on the city in your time zone and then click on [Next].
  • Click on [Finish] because your outdoor camera is now set up.

Problems with the registration

As with all wireless products, there are several reasons why you may have problems connecting your outdoor camera. Here is some advice you can take.

  1. The outdoor camera must be connected to an access point. If you are using a mesh network, you need to connect the camera to the nearest access point to which it should be connected. To do this, the smartphone should be connected to the same. When you get to the Wi-Fi setup, the same network will be displayed multiple times, in order of strength. You must select your network at the top of the list as this is the access point your camera is connected to. If you disconnect from this access point, your camera will go offline. If you disconnect the other mesh cubes, you can be 100% sure that you are connecting to the correct one.
  2. The Camera only works with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. Although the 5 GHz band offers faster connection speed, the range is greater with a 2.4 GHz band. The camera also requires automatic IP assignment and a visible Wi-Fi network.
  3. Do not set up the outdoor camera while its Internet line is in heavy use. 
  4. Your WLAN password should not contain any special characters such as §,$, & or similar and should not exceed 20 characters.
  5. When connecting, please use a WPA2 key, not the WPS key.
  6. If the smartphone has already accessed the camera's WLAN, it should be deleted from the smartphone's saved WLAN networks.
  7. The location query on the smartphone must be granted for the camera.  

If the outdoor camera is to be registered with another router, it is absolutely necessary to delete it from the elements system in the outdoor camera settings of the elements app using the "bin". Before disconnecting the outdoor Camera from the power supply, it must be reset by pressing the reset button on the Connect Box for approx. 10 seconds. (The outdoor Camera must still be connected to the Internet).

Disconnect the power supply of the camera for approx. 2 seconds and wait at least 30 seconds until the camera has completely restarted.

Now the camera can be logged on to a new network.