If your Camera 2.0 detects a movement although nobody has walked through the picture, you should adjust the motion detection in the settings of your Camera 2.0. (see picture on the left)

Under "ZONE" the camera image is divided into 5x5 fields. Each field can be activated or deactivated. Only those fields should be activated that a potential intruder can pass through. Fewer fields are activated, the less unwanted movements can be detected. (see picture on the right)

The Camera 2.0 registers pixel changes caused, for example, by changes in light, blowing curtains, etc. The sensitivity of the camera can also be adjusted.

In addition, the sensitivity can be adjusted from 0% to 99%. Turn the sensitivity down until you no longer get unwanted motion detection. (But also try out whether a person is still detected).

To access the camera settings, please proceed as follows:

  • open the elements app
  • click on the 3 horizontal stripes in the upper left corner
  • click on [Elements)
  • click on the camera you want to access the settings for