Technical topics (hardware and software)

Notifications of the elements app
For all settings and configurations described here, you must have both the Gigaset elements app installed on your smartphone as well as a Gigaset elements a...
Sal, 17 Ock, 2023 şunda: 9:11 AM
Sensors - calibration issues
There are problems with the "sony xperia" series.  Those don't have a pure Android system, but additionally a lot of Sony-Software on it, ...
Çrş, 27 Nis, 2022 şunda: 11:04 AM
Siren - Offline status of the siren is shows with a delay
This is expected behavior - up to 40 minutes is the maximum delay for offline notification.
Çrş, 27 Nis, 2022 şunda: 10:41 AM
smart camera - 2.4 GHz or 5GHz WLAN networks?
The Gigaset smart camera can only work with a 2.4 GHz network. The 5 GHz band offers greater bandwidth but has a shorter range compared to a 2.4 GHz band.
Cum, 21 Ekm, 2022 şunda: 11:10 AM
Smart camera - LED status info
To indicate its status, the Gigaset Smart camera has an LED that can light up in different colours. Each light or flash of the camera indicates a status and...
Cum, 21 Ekm, 2022 şunda: 11:15 AM
Smart camera - Shows a pink picture. What can I do?
If your camera image has a purple tint, it means that the blocking filter used to switch the camera in and out of night mode is stuck. To fix this, you need...
Çrş, 19 Ekm, 2022 şunda: 3:08 PM
Smart camera - Why can't I access my Gigaset smart camera via IP?
The Gigaset smart camera is a security camera and therefore prevents unsecure access such as web browsers from accessing it via IP.
Cum, 21 Ekm, 2022 şunda: 11:18 AM
Smoke 2.0 - after changing the 9V battery, I am still shown "low battery".
After you have replaced the 9V battery of the Smoke 2.0, you must carry out a Smoke test to reset the battery display. Otherwise, the app will continue to d...
Cum, 26 Mayıs, 2023 şunda: 12:22 PM
The battery of a Gigaset sensor is almost empty, what can you do?
If your Gigaset Smart Home system tells you that the battery of a Gigaset sensor (universal / door / window/ motion / water / climate / button) is almost em...
Çrş, 19 Ekm, 2022 şunda: 3:42 PM
The Gigaset climate displays different temperatures than the Gigaset Universal Sensor. Why?
We performed corresponding tests with a Gigaset climate and a Gigaset Universal Sensor next to it, which also displays the temperature. The result shows th...
Cum, 6 Ock, 2023 şunda: 10:53 AM