Hearing aid compatibility E720 / FAQ

Compatibility information provided by hearing aid manufacturers:



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According to Phonak, the following hearing aids are compatible with the Gigaset E720:

Phonak Paradise, Phonak Lumity and Phonak Marvel.



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According to Unitron, the following hearing aids are compatible with the Gigaset E720:

Unitron Blu, Discover Next & Discover.



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According to Hansaton, the following hearing aids are compatible with the Gigaset E720:

Excite, Excite PRO, Stratos.

Due to the large number of possible hearing aid manufacturers, we can unfortunately not guarantee complete compatibility for all devices on the market. However, we are always trying to expand the compatibility list and are in discussion with many hearing aid manufacturers. If new constellations arise, they will be added here in the future.


Is it possible to register multiple hearing aids to a single handset?

  • Unfortunately not, only a single compatible hearing aid can be paired per handset.

Are incoming calls also signaled on the hearing aid?

  • Incoming calls are signaled on the hearing aid and, depending on the setting, on the handset and base.

How to switch between hearing aid and handset during the call?

  • To switch back and forth between the hearing aid and the handset during a call, the green off-hook key must be pressed once. 

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