MWI Info not shown on Speedport-Router

Error in MWI display on HX handsets on Speedport routers of Deutsche Telekom.

If the firmware of your Speedport router has been updated, it may happen in isolated cases that the MWI display and/or call number display no longer work as usual.

1. Updating the firmware of the HX handset (may not be possible on all routers).

  • Menu → Settings → System → Handset update
  • Current version
  • Confirm with "OK
  • You will now see the current firmware version of your Gigaset HX handset.

If you want to update the firmware now, this can be done easily in three steps:

  • Menu → Settings → System → Handset update/Device Update
  • Refresh
  • Confirm with "OK" to start the download


If step 1 has not yet solved the problem, please proceed with step 2.

2. Reset all registered HX handsets and register them again with the Speedport router.

ATTENTION! The handsets lose all stored information such as caller list, phone book, etc.

  • Switch off handset
  • Press and hold 1, 4 and 7, switch on the handset (SERVICE appears in the display).
  • 4 6 8 5 4 6 3 (HOTLINE) enter Handset switches off
  • The handset is reset (phone book and redial list are deleted)
  • Register the handset with the Speedport router again

If these measures are still not successful, please proceed to the next step.

3. Reset all handsets as in step 2 and additionally have Speedport router reset by Telekom service.

Then register the handsets with the Speedport router again.

ATTENTION! In this case, all stored information will be lost again.

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