Why is the Gigaset Smart Home System no longer usable?

As you may have already gathered from the media, insolvency proceedings under self-administration were opened for the assets of Gigaset Communications GmbH on January 29, 2024.

As part of the insolvency administration process, a buyer has been found for parts of the business operations. The buyer will take over the business operations relating to telecommunications products by way of an asset deal. However, it will not take over the Smart Home/Care business. Despite intensive efforts and support from a renowned M&A consultant, an alternative buyer for the Smart Home/Care business could not be found.

The cloud services of the Smart Home/Care products must therefore be discontinued as of March 29, 2024. Maintenance is not possible under insolvency law. As a result, the apps for the Smart Home/Care products and the networked sensors and devices will no longer be usable.

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