Transferring important data from my iPhone to my Android™smartphone?

Please note: 

This article describes the transfer of data from an iOS-based to a Gigaset Smartphone with Android operating system and not the transfer to a Gigaset cordless phone!


To transfer all your important data from an iOS device to your new Android™ phone, you should first back up your contacts to a Google Account:

1. create a Google Account
2. connect your iPhone to your computer
3. open iTunes and click the Info tab
4. select Contacts from the drop-down menu

As soon as you enter your account credentials, the contacts stored on your iPhone will be copied to your Google Account. When you set up your new Android™ phone, your data is automatically transferred to your new Android™ phone when you sign in your Google Account. To take your photos, music and video files with you when you switch from iOS to Android™ to your new phone, you should sync your iPhone with iTunes.


Transfer photos, videos and music

Videos and music can be downloaded to the Android™ smartphone via Tunesync app. Photos can be stored temporarily on your computer via USB cable and inserted into a directory of the Android™ device via drag & drop.

The changeover is quick and easy if you use the online photo service Picasa. Install the app on your iPhone and upload your photos to the Google service. The Google+ app lets you quickly find your photos on your new Android™ smartphone.

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