How can I reset my app settings?

Why would you reset the app settings?

Resetting app settings on your device can have several benefits, depending on the situation and issues you may be experiencing. Here are some general benefits:

1. troubleshooting: If an app is not working properly, incorrect settings or corrupted configurations may be the problem. Resetting the app settings resets them to the default values, which can help to resolve problems.

2. performance improvement: Over time, data can accumulate in an app's settings that may affect performance. Resetting the settings can restore the app to a clean and efficient baseline.

3. security: If you suspect that the security of your app is compromised (e.g. due to unauthorised access or privacy concerns), resetting the settings can be a quick way to ensure that all access permissions and security settings are set back to default.

4. compatibility: Incompatibility problems may occur after updating the app or the operating system. Resetting the settings makes it possible to ensure that the app complies with the latest standards.

However, it is important to note that when resetting app settings, all customised configurations and possibly saved data may be lost. Therefore, make sure that you have backed up important information before performing this step.

How can you reset the app settings?

Android 11 / 12 / 13
1. Open the settings2. Click on "System"3. click on "Reset options"
4. click on "Reset app preferences"5. click on "RESET APPS"

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