Gigaset GS80yes
Gigaset GS100yes
Gigaset GS110yes
Gigaset GS160yes
Gigaset GS170yes
Gigaset GS180yes
Gigaset GS185yes
Gigaset GS190yes
Gigaset GS195yes
Gigaset GS270 (plus)yes
Gigaset GS280yes
Gigaset GS370 (plus)yes
Gigaset GX290yes
Gigaset GS290yes


  • Android version 6 (Marshmallow) 
  • Updated Google Play services
  • COVID-19 function must be activated
  • Enough memory
  • Bluetooth (so-called "Bluetooth Low Energy" or abbreviated "BLE"), which must also be permanently switched on in order to use the app
  • if an error message "Cause 3 Something went wrong" appears, try again the next day (note on Google Mobile Services: For the Corona Warning App to work, Google must automatically update the Google Mobile Services on your device. This is not possible manually. If you have updated the Google Play services to the latest version, you will still need to wait for the automatic update of Google Mobile Services).