How do I update apps in the Google Play Store?

Why should you update apps?

There are several good reasons why you should regularly update apps in the Google Play Store:

1. security: App developers often release updates to close security gaps. If you do not update your apps, potential security risks could remain and your personal data could be compromised.

2. functions and improvements: Updates often contain new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. By updating, you not only miss out on new features, but also benefit from smoother and more efficient app usage.

3. compatibility: With new versions of the Android operating system, the requirements for apps also change. Updated apps are better prepared to run smoothly on the latest devices and operating systems.

4. bug fixes: Every app has bugs from time to time. App updates fix these bugs and ensure that the app works more reliably.

5. app stability: With every update, performance improvements are also made to increase the stability of the app. This can prevent the app from crashing or freezing.

How do you update apps in the Google Play Store?

Android 11 / 12 / 13
1. open the Google Play Store

2. now click on the round circle with the initials

3. now click on "Manage apps and device"
4. now click on "Updates available"

5. now click on "Update all"

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