CLIP display

If you would like to use this feature, we inform you that this function is a network service. This means that primarily the network provider controls the transmission.

Often, it is only needed to restart the router on which the base is connected. Simply disconnect the router from the power cable for about 10 minutes and then restart it. Data is not lost during the restart.


If restarting the router does not resolve the problem or if the device is connected to another port, please perform a basic reset by following next steps:


Disconnect the base from the power supply

Press and hold the Paging button

while holding the button down, reconnect the power plug

Once the power supply reconnected, continue holding the button down for another 10 seconds

Now release the button


This reset causes all data stored on the base to be deleted. This means that all handsets are de-registered and the system PIN is 0000 again. 

Any messages and Personal announcements on the Answering Machine are also deleted.

The Phonebook is retained because these data are stored locally in the handset, and not on the base station.


In order to re-register the handset to the base station follow these steps:


Press and hold the Paging key for 3-5 seconds (to set the base to the registration Mode)

Now open the Menu on the handset

Select "Settings" an confirm with "OK"

Select "Registration" and confirm with "OK"

Select "Register handset" and confirm with "OK"

enter PIN (0000) and confirm with "OK"

The handset will register with the base


You have 60 seconds in order to complete the handset registration procedure. Once this time has expired, the base station will not allow any new registrations and you must restart the process.

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